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Macbook Repair

Macbook Repair 

Macbook repair

Tech Support Detectives in Los Angeles

_Bringing new life to old Macs_

Every once in awhile....a computer goes bad.  It starts innocently enough; just a little slower, just a little longer to boot.  Then, BAM!  It won't start.  It won't show you your emails.  It's just plain being lousy.

Well, we know just how to make it cooperate.  Macbook Repair 






[ Domestic Affairs ]


We will visit you in your home environment, where the miscreant machine resides.


[ Criminal Investigations ]


We know how to retrieve information from a hard drive - even a dead one.

[ Fraud & Insurance ]


Don't let a security breach get you down.  We can help with electronic break-ins, hacks & malware.

[ Computer Forensics ]


Dig deep into your system's data.  Retrieve lost emails and documents.   Even recover some hard drive space.

[ Lost & Found ]


With some planning & foresight, find

a lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, Android or Macbook.  We can show you how.

[ Surveillance ]


If you have wondered who has been using your computer when you're not around....wonder no more.

David has been such a HUGE help to me over the last 3 years!  When I first moved to my new house in Altadena, he came over right away and helped me get my TV, phone and data networks all set up.  I am not very tech savvy so it is great to know that I can call on him for help whenever I need it and he responds quickly and professionally and gets the job done!

He has helped me on numerous occasions with everything from my home entertainment system, online set up to general computer issues, like compiling all of my e-mail addresses into one main account and adding a new printer on my computer.  Any job small or large, David has been there to help.  So glad to know him and I highly recommend him!!

Syd S., Altadena

My very reliable MacBook Pro suddenly, simply wouldn't start up and I instinctively called Dave. Sure enough he quickly and thoroughly diagnosed the problem and I was really impressed with his expertise. Unlike some computer "nerds" that like the puzzle more than the solution, Dave doesn't waste your time or money and is a true professional. I highly recommend his services. You won't find a nicer or more knowlegeeble Mac repair guy.


P.S. Apple wanted to replace the whole circuit board which was absolutely unnecessary. Go to Dave before the Apple store!

S. Z., Malibu 

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