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Founded & Managed by David De Anda

[ Fulltime IT Professional for more than 20 years ]


Apple Certification, Video Symphony Post Production School, 2006.  


Full time focus on IT for Apple systems since 2009.

During my time studying film and video editing and mostly using Apple computers, I started down my path to switching off my Windows computer permanently.  As I am competently trained and have great troubleshooting skills I can still support clients who continue to ask for my services on Windows products, but they are now fewer than a handful.  The vast majority of my clients use Apple products on a daily basis, at work and at home.


The thing I hear most often from potential clients is there is a lack of quality Apple support technicians.  I saw this in 2005, and strove to get trained and accomplished so I knew how to fix systems for my clients, family and friends who needed help.  When the market shifted in 2008, I did see the need for more quality Apple technicians who know their stuff.  Thus, Orchardwerks was born.  


I don't do this part time; I don't do anything else.  I am here for my clients, and would love to be here for you.



1920 Hillhurst Ave, Ste 1218, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Macbook Repair 

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