Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can get to know us a little better.  These are actual questions posed to us.  

We will endeavor to add more questions as they arise from our clientele.


What's with the name?


Well, because in an orchard, you work with a lot of apples.  So do we.  Macbook repair is the primary focus of our business, but we can upgrade and repair iMacs, Mac Minis....the works.


We used the Germanic spelling of 'werks' not because we're fans of BMW Motors, but because someone is squatting on the name "" and wants $2,500.00 to sell it.  Nahhh thanks!


How do you learn all this stuff?


This one is more difficult to answer, but let's just say that when you're exposed to a problem more frequently than once, and perhaps more than a few times, then you get to understand what the problem is, what to do about it now it's here, and how to avoid it if possible.  Most of the time the training follows the issues that arise when dealing with sophisticated interactions with hardware and software, and oftentimes even a new, out of the box machine will have its issues.  It's all part of the job of trying to keep up with new technology.


What are your rates?


Typically my rate is 80.00/hour, with a 1 hour minimum and charged in 1/4 increments.  The rates also depend on whether I am working onsite or remote.  


Can you hack my ex-boyfriend's emails?

Sorry, but unfortunately I am bound by a strict ethical code.  I will never intentionally assist someone in breaking the law while providing my services.  If you are looking for a way into your boss's home computer, good luck with that.


Do you warantee/guarantee your work?


I will always stand behind my work, and if you have paid for service and didn't receive it for any reason, I will make sure you are 100% satisfied.  If not, you won't pay for my Macbook repair or Mac labor.  


Hardware is a different story; as I do not stock inventory, your hardware will be warrantied (or not) via the retailer where the product was purchased.


Whenever you ask a question via the Contact page, I will make sure to update this FAQ to include your question.  Your feedback is essential!


1920 Hillhurst Ave, Ste 1218, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Macbook Repair 

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